Thursday, August 11, 2016

What Do I Do Now?

So what I am supposed to do now?  I have been home with my kids for 10 years and my baby is about to start Kindergarten!  EXCITING yet UGGGGGG!  I woke up crying again this morning and my wife is at a complete loss as to what to do for me!  It's funny how everything in our home is reversed....and I like it that way!

So, just like in everything else in life, I have to look past my emotions to TRUTH!  Emotions are faulty due to our sinful state.  Truth is the bedrock that my life is chained to.  It's what keeps me grounded when my emotions run awry!  For me, my truth comes from the Word of God!  I like John 16:32.  It is just one of many verses that say that I will never by alone.  And that is true.  Even when the house is empty and silent, I am not alone!  So thankful for this!

I am thrilled that my boys are growing up.  Is that not why I am a parent?  To raise up Godly boys that will be the leaders of the future and continue sharing with the world that Jesus saves?

So despite my emotional state and I am sure more tears are to come as I grieve the loss of precious time with my boys, my job isn't has just moved to a new phase.  I may not like this phase now, but as I look to TRUTH, I will come back to reality!  Because I have learned that Finding TruthWorx!