Thursday, August 11, 2016

What Do I Do Now?

So what I am supposed to do now?  I have been home with my kids for 10 years and my baby is about to start Kindergarten!  EXCITING yet UGGGGGG!  I woke up crying again this morning and my wife is at a complete loss as to what to do for me!  It's funny how everything in our home is reversed....and I like it that way!

So, just like in everything else in life, I have to look past my emotions to TRUTH!  Emotions are faulty due to our sinful state.  Truth is the bedrock that my life is chained to.  It's what keeps me grounded when my emotions run awry!  For me, my truth comes from the Word of God!  I like John 16:32.  It is just one of many verses that say that I will never by alone.  And that is true.  Even when the house is empty and silent, I am not alone!  So thankful for this!

I am thrilled that my boys are growing up.  Is that not why I am a parent?  To raise up Godly boys that will be the leaders of the future and continue sharing with the world that Jesus saves?

So despite my emotional state and I am sure more tears are to come as I grieve the loss of precious time with my boys, my job isn't has just moved to a new phase.  I may not like this phase now, but as I look to TRUTH, I will come back to reality!  Because I have learned that Finding TruthWorx!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

People Love Drama...Side effect of the ME3 Disease!

As I was beginning my workout this morning, I turned on Fox News to listen to the top news of the morning.  I like Fox News, but like all news channels, Fox sometimes falls into the quagmire of "Drama".  And there they were, Fox and Friends dumping all over Ted Cruz for his speech the night before at the Republican National Convention.  Now, before roll your eyes and click to move on from this blog, please know that I am not writing to defend Cruz nor will I dump on Fox News.  I wish to look at another aspect of this issue.

It seems that Ted Cruz didn't do what the masses expected of him.  He stood his ground and that created drama, booing and news spin.  People love drama!  So why such a back-lash against Cruz? Why do people love drama so much?  Why was Cruz so wrong for standing up?

I believe part of the issue stems from what I call the ME3 Disease.   What is the disease of ME3 you ask?  It is the constant struggle of Me-Me-Me!  It's the dilemma of making everything revolve around ME!  For example, Social Media is a byproduct of ME3.  Social media is about me; what I want, when I want it, how I want it and where I want it.  Notice the I, I, I, me, me, me.  Social media feeds the sinful desire to put self first, above all things.  Getting angry when McDonald's doesn't give me my hamburger in the drive thru in 5 seconds or less.  ME3 is what has pushed our society into such a polarized state.  We live in a time where ME3 is easily fed and nourished.  We can easily see the results of ME3.  As Trump puts it, "It's a disaster!"  ME & I disrespects others.  It creates polarization.  It stops progress.  It creates necessary drama.  It keeps people angry.  It gives power to bloggers who demonize everything and everyone with whom they disagree (drama creators).  It creates an unforgiving environment.  It creates a judgmental atmosphere; where people are quick to judge others.  A disaster!    

How do we cure ME3?  It takes more than a simple shot or pill.  It's only eradicated with a long-term approach.  It's a regiment of humility!  Yes, humility!

What happened to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Matthew 7:12).  What happened to "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves," (Philippians 2:3).  What would happen if people, even politicians would practice these two life principles?  WOW!  I bet things would get done.  I bet polarization would be much less.  I bet drama would be reduced...sorry Fox News!  I bet there would be less anger.  I bet there would be more forgiveness.  There would less bloggers that demonize people and events. People would not be quick to judge others and more into discerning their motives.  NOT A DISASTER!

Was Ted Cruz right or wrong for what he did last night?  I will leave that for you to decide on your own.  But his actions and the reaction to his actions reminded me that I am commanded to treat others they way I want to be treated and I am to put others ahead of my own needs and desires.  

Do you have ME3?  Here is a treatment plan that can cure: 

  1. Spend more time reading things that will uplift others and you.  That means less social media.
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  3. Put other people before you.
  4. Respect others whether you agree with them or not.
  5. Don't judge others, but discern their motives by looking at their actions.
  6. Be humble.
These things are hard, but the returns, what you get in return for doing these things will be tremendously GREAT!  You will see that finding truth......worx!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Are You A Planner or Improviser?

God made each person unique.  Each person is different in their own way.  But I have seen time and time again that most are either a planner or an improviser; A planner is one who makes plans, looks ahead and has all kinds of activities planned.  They have a calendar full of great things.  On the other side is one who is am improviser, one who makes few plans, doesn't tend to look ahead and would rather "play things by ear"; as events play out, to get along in a make-shift manner.  Both types have their pros and cons.  Planners tend to look ahead, making sure most things are in place for a plan to be executed, covering all bases.  Yet, planners can plan too much and become inflexible, creating tension with their opposite.  Improvisers take what comes their way and makes use of it.  They don't get caught up in the weeds of planning details.  But improvisers can miss details or not get the most out of an activity due to a lack of planning.  At times they miss out because they didn't plan enough.

As you may already know from experience, improvisers frustrate planners and planners frustrate improvisers due to contrasting ways of doing things.  Planners and improvisers tend to repel each other.

Despite the frustration that comes when these 2 sides crashing into each other, both are needed to make the most of each and every activity.  Activities need planning and they need some improvising too!

Which one are you, a planner or an improviser?  Does your opposite frustrate you?  Do you stand in bewilderment when your opposite doesn't see the wisdom of your strong urge to plan or improvise?  Remember, your way is not always the best way!  Consider others.  They may have an improvement to yourway of doing things!  In doing so, you will find that truthworx!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Investing Truth In My Kids

Currently the world seems to be upside down, twisting and turning, completely out of control.  Why? Well the obvious answer is sin.  But since sin is such a broad subject, I wish to narrow it down a bit.  Our American society begins and ends with the family unit.  "As the family goes, so goes the nation, so goes the world in which we live"  (Pope John Paul II).  Divorce is over 50%.  The definition of a family has been changed so much that it no longer resembles the design God put into place at the beginning of the human race.

With that said, I wish to share just a few things my wife and I are teaching our boys as it relates to the direction that our country is moving today:

As my wife and I are white parents of mixed race sons, one being a handsome and beautiful "brown" boy, 
  • We ARE raising our sons to love all people as God loves people! 
  • We ARE teaching them that God created all people in His image and all people should be respected and loved no matter how different they are from us and that includes black, brown, white, yellow, green, purple, male, female, gay, or doesn't love people and hate sin! 
  • We ARE raising them to pursue a path of peace as the Bible commands. 
  • We ARE teaching them that people like Martin Luther King are people who also followed God's word when it comes to how to relate to fellow human beings. 
  • We ARE teaching them that murder in any form from shootings [except in self defense] to abortion goes against God's commands. 
  • We ARE teaching them that people's actions are the true test of what's in their hearts not their words.  Actions speak LOUDER than words!
  • We ARE teaching them to RESPECT and OBEY those who have authority over them [including officers of the law] unless they command us to break God's laws. 
  • Finally, we ARE teaching them to love their country, to honor and respect our flag and to say the pledge and sing our national anthem!
  • Any action or word from any individual or group that is contrary to God's commands is WRONG. 
That is what we are teaching our boys!  Parents should believe and teach that finding truth worx best!